Aluminium in Art - St. Bernard Museum in Martigny Switserland

Termin: 25.04.2012 bis 01.05.2012

Aluminium-in-Art-Martigny 2012-2013

"Aluminium in Art"

The St. Bernard Museum in Martigny Switserland is particularly happy to present their 4th temporary exhibition on a very special and somewhat unusual subject.

The exhibition is from 25 May 2012 until end of May 2013.

A really superb exhibition well documented with a nice catalogue.

About 25 % of the exhibits are ‘aluminium in tribal art’ from well known museums and private collectors like Barbier-Müller, Alain Bovis, Colette Ghysels, Giorgio Vigna and last but not least
.................a selection of the Rudolf de Ruijter & Anneke van Santen Collection with pictures of Riana Jongema. We’re proud to be a part of it!

By highlighting some of the most striking works produced using aluminum, we have sought to demonstrate the vast possibilities offered by this metal in artistic creation from the time it was discovered to the present day.


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